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This Brave Woman Gave Birth on the Hospital Floor!

Maxwell Alexander was born to Jes Hogan and Travis after prolonged labor, with intense contractions -on the floor in a hospital corridor!

Jes with Max on the hospital floor right after she gave birth. (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

After thinking that she may not make it to the hospital to give birth, Jes delivered the newborn on the hospital floor, on her way to the ER!

The couple had already been to the hospital during the early stages of labor but had gone back home after deliberating, since her contractions were not close enough at the time.  Jes recalls telling her husband, “I’m having contractions again, but I don’t think they’ll amount to anything”. 

Jes hold Max close after the birth. (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

Jes previously confided in other expectant mothers in a group that her fear of not making it to the hospital on time was a recurring one. Jes plucked up all courage and carried on with her daily duties and activities as she normally would, until she experienced a prolonged contraction, which she recalls was very painful.

Right after giving birth on the hospital floor. (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

Jes was getting ready to become a mom for the sixth time, and in the final moment of intensity, she and her husband rushed to the hospital just in due time to call their birth photographer, Tammy Karin.

Tammy shares an image from the moment on his Instagram page. (Source: Instagram)

Jes recalls that her husband was calm and level-headed throughout the entire labor and delivery, encouraging her through every minute.

Hallway birth Source: Littleleapings

She also said that she felt the baby almost emerging when she was still not near the delivery room; she barely had the space to move or even maneuver.

Max suffered a little bruising but is overall, healthy. (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

In a moment of an absolute spur, Jes made it through the second set of doors but then suddenly felt her body push out the baby, so much so in one go that she felt the baby’s head with her palm!

Travis helping her without hesitation. (Source: YouTube)

Jes cried to Travis to catch the baby as he slid down, and Travis complied without hesitation.

Just in time, the nurses rushed towards her and helped her lay down to allow her body to push once again. Tammy, the photographer, arrived just in time to be a part of the experience. She worked at her greatest capacity to capture the moments and to call the nurses.

The photographer shares the experience, after someone asked how they got there in time. (Source: Facebook)
Max is home! (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

With just the right amount of magic, miracle, and fate, Jes recalls that the nurse helping her through delivery was only working there part- time! It was fate that she was there that morning to be a part of her experience.

Travis cutting the cord on the hospital floor. (Source: YouTube)

In the video, Jes tells us that Travis held a towel underneath her head just to make sure she wasn’t uncomfortable. She feels grateful for the “amazing man” and his support.

Here is how many reacted to the incredible story of the miracle of life!

People react on the photographer’s page. (Source: Facebook)
Well done to the photographer! (Source: Facebook)
Max with his sister. (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

Max arrived with a short cry, and then there was silence as his umbilical cord was still pulsating from the unusual situation he was found in. The nurses then cut the cord and took care of him and Jes.

Max looks at his big happy family. (Source: Little Leapling Photography)

During this, Tammy was not just taking pictures and capturing precious moments; she was simultaneously helping Jes throughout.

“She climbed onto the bed and said ‘oh, my baby!’”. (Source: YouTube)

At 3:38 am, Maxwell was born weighing 6 lbs and 7 oz at 20 inches long. Jes and Max are both in good health.

The final labor only lasted around 25 minutes!

The baby’s tiny foot stamp. (Source: YouTube)

Jes recalls that it was her “craziest birth, but also the most perfect”.

The big family.(Source: Little Leapling Photography)

She remains thankful for all the support by people by her side. Although her baby’s arrival did not go as planned, it was still beautiful and memorable in its entirety!

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