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Popular Vlogger, Vanessa Martinez, Surprises Fans With Shaved Head!

Vanessa Martinez, famous beauty vlogger, has a huge fan following on both YouTube and Instagram. And when she realized that her hair extensions has caused her to lose her locks, she decided to take the bold step and SHAVED HER HEAD BALD!

Vanessa Martinez gets ready to shave her head. (Source: Instagram)

She has 590,000 Instagram fans and 2.1 million subscribers on YouTube.

The fans love to stay caught up with everything she does, from new makeup tutorials to reviews to personal story times.

She appears to be reconsidering her decision, but then reveals her hair is actually a wig. (Source: Instagram)

Vanessa had a surprise in store for her fans this time, though.

She uploaded a video in which she pretended to shave her head. The beauty guru then revealed an already clean shaven head!

The YouTuber shows off her completely bald head with pride. (Source: Instagram)

The drastic move was taken in an attempt to ‘start over’ after her hair was left terribly damaged by years of extensions and weaves.

Vanessa is now sporting a trendy and sporty buzz cut, and rocking it too according to her fans!

Vanessa rocks her bald look in the sunlight. (Source: Instagram)
The beauty guru has a ton of support available to her. (Source: Instagram)

Her official head shaving video was titled “I Let my friend shave my had (yes, I’m bald)”.

Another selfie with serious goals in terms of face, makeup, everything. (Source: Instagram)

She said, “This is not my own hair, I have individual micros and just a quick little lesson on them, I did notice that my hair did thin out a lot. No matter what extensions you put in your hair you’re going to go slightly bald from it, just from the weight.

The YouTuber also explained that she had suffered random bald spots all over her head from years of wear and tear with extensions.

The beauty guru always wore long luscious extensions! (Source: Instagram)

And so she made the decision to shave it all off.

She justified herself saying, “I’m just making myself balder and balder, so why don’t I just cut all my hair off and start over?

Vanessa sips on her tea and confronts haters head on. (Source: Instagram)

Female baldness is often scrutinized and may be seen as physically unattractive. Vanessa shut down any possible haters by commenting under her video.

Being bald is not ugly. It’s not disgusting. It’s not weird. If you are going bald due to illness, stress whatever the case, you are still beautiful!”

Her skin and clothes both glow in the late sunlight. (Source: Instagram)

Dermatologist, Jeanine Dowie, spoke to Health saying, “My experience is that many people sew in their weaves too tight and they break hair and this can cause bald patches.”

Other people use glue, and the glue is a chemical irritant to the scalp, and that can also call small or large bald patches.”

Beautiful locks but alas they were always extensions (Source: Instagram)

Vanessa’s video has been viewed almost one million times and has received more than 59,000 likes!

She’s had plenty of support from fans and followers. Some called her actions ‘empowering’.

Even in natural light, Vanessa looks gorgeous. (Source: Instagram)

One fan wrote: “She looks so freaking beautiful reminding me of the girl from Lemonade by Rihanna and N.E.R.D.”

Her drastic action has made her fans want to follow suit. And who knows, bald might just become the new trend!

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