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Orangutans Might Become Extinct Within the Next 10 Years, Say Experts

Animal extinction has become one of the biggest dilemmas of the ‘developing’ world. Most recently, experts have said that the mighty, ape-like Orangutans are in danger of getting extinct within the next ten years!


A mother and baby orangutan sharing a hug. (Source: Getty Images)

“It’s a real struggle and we are losing the battle,” said Alan Knight of the International Animal Rescue (IAR).

The burning and destructions of rainforests in the Sumatra, Indonesia and Borneo, Malaysia are one of the main threats faced by orangutans.

Portrait of baby Orangutan. (Source: Getty Images)

Orangutan.com states that these beautiful animals lost one-third of their population in the Asian Forest Fires of 1997 and 1998.

A pair of orangutans examining their food, taken at the Singapore Zoo. (Source: Getty Images)

Us humans have also not been far behind in causing such problems to the life and existence of these smart animals.

Close-up of female Orangutan with infant on tree. (Source: Getty Images)

Human activities of mining, illegal and legal logging, hunting, illegal animal trade, deforestation, and constructions in forests have caused a major threat to the largest tree-climbing mammals in the world.

Close-up of a male orangutan. (Source: Getty Images)

The population of such mammals have decreased by 50 percent in the past decade or so, says the Orangutan Foundation International.

Man holding an orangutan’s hand. (Source: Getty Images)

Also, as reported by IUCN, in 2003, there were not more than 7,300 orangutans left in Sumatra. If this goes on, orangutans will only be limitedly found in the zoos of Sumatra and Borneo.

Low angle view of an orangutan hanging on a tree in the forest. (Source: Getty Images)

WWF has been working for the conservation of orangutans since the 1970s, with projects such as ‘halting the illegal pet trade and reducing conflicts between humans and orangutans.

Photo of an orangutan taken in Indonesia, Medan. (Source: Getty Images)

Orangutans were also recently in the news when one of them was shot 130 times, with 70 of them to its head, with an air gun in Borneo. This was already the second killing of 2018!

Silhouettes of orangutans having fun in the wild. (Source: Getty Images)

Teresa Telecky, from the Humane Society International, told The Independent:

“We are shocked by this senseless cruelty that has resulted in the suffering and death of an orangutan, a critically endangered species that is protected by national law from such harm.

Low angle view of a baby orangutan hanging on a rope. (Source: Getty Images)

She continued, “We urge relevant government officials in Indonesia to investigate the killing and prosecute the offenders to the full extent of the law.”

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