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Missing Puppy Killed After Being Tossed Out of a Moving Car!

Recently a missing puppy, Rex, was  killed by an unidentified person after the poor puppy was thrown out of a moving car, blue Prius, with his rear legs tied with plastic!

In popular opinion, a dog is the most loyal creatures to a man on earth. Not only are they adorable, obedient, and fun to play with, but some people also keep them for their protection; making them a significant part of their lives.

The victim, Rex. (Source: Facebook)

Rex was a white furred, 18-month-old, puppy belonging to Deb Ferrara. After the puppy was thrown out of the car, he hit another car and was killed. The incident has left Ferrara absolutely devastated, as she waits for the killers to be found.

Deb seen keeping herself busy after the tragic incident. (Source: KTLA5)

Rex was Ferrara’s only loyal friend and companion since the death of her husband.


The tragic incident started at Ferrara’s Vacaville home when she had briefly left to attend a friend’s funeral. Upon her return she learned that the puppy had gone missing, most probably, he unknowingly ran out of the house.

Ferrara’s daughter’s post. (Source: Facebook)

According to Ferrara’s daughter, Rex was half Bijon and half Maltese, she posts in a Facebook group for lost and found pets: ‘Vacaville Lost and Found Pets’.

Deb and Rex. (Source: Facebook)

After he went missing a few days back, Ferrara was happy to take a call from someone who claimed to have ‘seen’ the puppy.

The cute puppy, Rex, was half Bijon and half Maltese. (Source: Facebook)

But as she took the call, Ferrara realized it was not the news she was eager to hear. According to the person on the call, her puppy had been hit by a car in a brutal manner and died.

Monica Anderson, who talked to Ferrara on the phone, claimed that she and her fiancé Erik Gow saw what seemed to be a small white pup being thrown out of the car by the Davis Street exit.

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The couple who called Ferrara. (Source: Facebook)

As Anderson tried to save the puppy, she realized that it was already too late and recovery from sustained injuries would be impossible. There was Ferrara’s contact number on the dog’s collar so that’s how she was contacted.

This prompts that it is imperative that contact numbers may be put on dog collars in case of a mishap.

Rex with his collar. (Source: Facebook)

For now, Ferrara has to deal with this alone and wait for some sound news that the people responsible for this heinous crime are arrested or taken into police custody.

There is no video of the incident as yet, although such a video would make things easier for the investigators or the local police department to take action. (In case the video shows the car’s number plate).

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2012 Toyota Prius. (Source: National Motor Museum/Heritage Images/Getty Images)

Several people expressed their disgust and shock at the heinous crime and prayed for the killers to be caught and brought to justice.

Rex’s routine barber also expressed her sentiments:

(Source: Facebook)

Alyson, a member of the same community spent some time looking for the puppy with hopes of retrieving it but to no avail.

The police department also expressed their remorse in such a situation and pleaded to the public for co-operation.

Post by the Police Department. (Source: Facebook)

Why anyone would commit such an atrocity escapes our comprehension. The sort of pain and horror Rex must have faced is unimaginable and our thoughts and prayers are with the innocents.

We hope that the ones responsible for taking lives and breaking souls are brought to justice soon, so that a safer space may be created for not just humans but also animals!

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