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Cardi B Attacked By a Cheetah While Filming Music Video

The video for Cardi B’s hit song, ‘Bodak Yellow’, has been viewed over 456 million times. It has been filmed in Dubai, and features both a real cheetah and camel. Behind the scenes insight, however, reveal that the shooting included an actual cheetah attack!

In a new interview with Genius, director Picture Perfect tells some of the stories of the mishaps that went on backstage.

Cardi B
Cardi B has become the first female rapper to top Billboard Hot 100 chart. (Source: Instagram)

He explained how the cheetah in the music video was from a Dubai sultan. While he seems super calm in the video, that wasn’t always the case.

cardi b
A snapshot of the video, where Cardi B sits next to a cheetah. (Source: YouTube)

“We shot this other scene that we didn’t use. He attacked Cardi in that scene,” Picture Perfect said.

The director also shared a video snippet of Cardi singing while the cheetah sits next to her on the leash. He seems to jump up towards her and she jumps back, visibly shaken. Cardi yells, “No no no, come hold him!”

cardi b
The cheetah seems to jump towards Cardi B. (Source: YouTube/Genius)

Picture Perfect explained, ‘We got her spirits back up and then we shot this scene.”

However, the cheetah had to be replaced by a calmer one that had been fed properly. The cheetah was calm enough for Cardi to not only shoot comfortably with him, but also pat his head.

“This cheetah right here has eaten about six pounds of deer meat this time and he’s just calm,” the director explained.

cardi b
A snapshot from the music video, where Cardi B pats the cheetah. (Source: YouTube)

While the director explained that he was happy with how the scenes with the cheetah had turned out, they had to be modified from the original vision.

“This cheetah scene was originally supposed to be Cardi in an exotic car, cause that’s the vibe in Dubai,’ the director explained.

cardi b
Cardi B shares a sultry photo of herself on her Instagram account. (Source: Instagram)

Logistical issues meant the plans had to change.

“We didn’t find the guy that was crazy enough to put a cheetah in the passenger seat and I don’t think Cardi would have trusted that.”

Cardi pouts in a candid shot. (Source: Instagram)

In the rest of the interview, Picture Perfect also explained why part of the video was filmed in Dubai, talked about the outfit inspirations and commented on the Cleopatra-themed shot from the video.

Cardi B poses as Cleopatra in the music video. (Source: YouTube)

“Technology has just caught up with the times, and you can spend $10-20,000 and get, like, a million dollar looking video,” the director said.

Cardi B shares a photo, covered in dollar bills. (Source: Instagram)

Watch the full interview below.


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