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Black customer accused of stealing his own jacket! See how he responds!

It’s the 21st century and sadly everyday people still fall victim to racial profiling!

James Conley III, a 29-year-old black man, was recently accused of stealing his own jacket in a store by an Old Navy store employee!

James Conley, a student of the University of Northern Iowa. (Source: Facebook)

Racial profiling is a grave issue and Conley is determined to fight it after his racist encounter with a store cashier. In a Facebook post, he revealed that he was recently racially profiled at a shop which he regularly visits, Old Navy in West Des Moines, Iowa, in Jordan Creek.

James and Carter. (Source: Facebook)

In the humiliating racist encounter, Conley was checking out after picking a couple of hoodies when an employee patronizingly asked him if he wanted to pay for the jacket he was wearing!

James captured the encounter on his phone. (Source: Facebook)

James’ first response was a chuckle because he could not come to believe that he was in such a situation. Slowly realizing its reality the store manager, who goes by the name Beau Carter, became involved and treated James disrespectfully and continued to stereotype him.

Store employees checking the surveillance while James filmed. (Source: Facebook)

Carter then claimed, “Anytime someone wears Old Navy clothing they have to always scan that customers clothing to ensure that it was previously purchased.”

This came as shock for James since this is not a normal practice anywhere.

Store employee tells James that they are ‘not stereotyping’ (Source: Facebook)

After this, the employees forced James to repay for the jacket he already owned!

James was commended for handling it so well. (Source: Facebook)

This incident was far from over when the district manager with the name ‘Shannon’ came about and James made her inspect the recording on the surveillance tape to prove his innocence.

Checking the blue jacket’s tag. (Source: Facebook)

Once the tapes proved otherwise and James was found innocent, no one followed up with an apology to James… not even Beau Carter, the store manager.

James asks Carter if he can leave now. (Source: Facebook)

Towards the end of the encounter video that James posted, a store employee comes ahead to tell him that they are ‘not stereotyping’. James ends the encounter while assuring them that it is his last time visiting this store.

Store employee tells James that filming is not allowed. (Source: Facebook)

The Facebook post has been shared 157 thousand times and liked 118 thousand times! Many people have left comments of support for James and all those who are victims of racial profiling.

People showed their support for James. (Source: Facebook)

Old Navy has since reached out to the public via a Facebook post, which sends an apology to James and all other with similar encounters.

Acknowledgement and apology. (Source: Facebook)


An apology may not be enough. (Source: Facebook)

Old Navy has also claimed that the employees involved in the racial profiling of James have been terminated, as such acts go against their vision of inclusivity.

Profile of the action taken. (Source: Facebook)
People are unhappy about the incident. (Source: Facebook)

James is going ahead with a lawsuit filed against the store and has since been involved in district events to counter racial profiling!

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